Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Wonders of Care for Your Newborn - At Home

Congratulations! You've made it through the nine long months of pregnancy, followed by childbirth - which could also mean hours of labour! So now you can breathe a sigh of relief because those are the hardest parts right? You get to go home and enjoy building a life with your newborn baby.
But then you get home and you realise - babies aren't born with instruction manuals! And you feel like you have no idea what you're doing!
There's so much information available out in the world in books, magazines, the internet - everyone is ready to give you some advice. But what could be better than having an experienced hand with you, in your own home, helping you to get through this sometimes tough - but always amazing time?
That's where home care providers come in.
When you come home from the hospital, it's always better to have someone there to help you with your newborn - especially with today's short hospital stays. Having a baby alone is already takes a very big toll on you, both physically and emotionally. And while you're still recovering newborn babies can be very intimidating - not to mention exhausting!
You'll have a lot of questions as a new parent about the care of your baby. And a lot of friends will want to come over to meet the new little one! So to manage all of that, along with your family and pets may need extra help!
And a professional baby home caregiver can help you ease your nerves and give you the support you need to become an independent and confidant parent. Oh, and there's that other part about helping you to get some shut-eye - you definitely need some rest!
Daytime care
While you're still trying to adjust to parenting, you might feel like you don't have enough hours in a day! A home carer for your baby will help you manage better by looking after baby while you take a nap. Home carers can also look after your baby for you while you work or run errands throughout the day. In most cases they can also help you out with some light cleaning around the house, cooking meals and running errands for you.
Overnight care
Overnight caregivers are usually the highest in demand! Taking care of a baby all day is already quite exhausting. All you want after a long day is to have a good night's sleep. But with baby crying and waking you up throughout the night that just doesn't happen! That's why many mommies have a home caregiver to look after their babies during the night so that they can be well rested for the next day.
24-hour care
This is usually necessary when you've experiences a complicated pregnancy or delivery - or your little one is ill. An experienced care giver or in some cases a neo-natal nurse can help you to take care of a sick little one and make it much easier for you. You're already exhausted, and a sick baby is even more taxing. Many home health care agencies will have a few different carers or nurses to rotate in shifts - that way you'll have someone with fresh energy looking after your little one.
There's no shame in getting help with you newborn baby - in fact it should be applauded as proof that you want only the best for you baby!
Professional home carers for babies and specialist neo-natal nurses can be just the lifeline you need to make your experience a very happy one!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quick Cough Remedies - Instant Relief You Can Take

Cough - on normal days, it is forgivable and waiting for medication to take effect after a few days is okay. But if you need to be in a business meeting or give a speech to an audience, you may want a remedy that will immediately give you relief. Of course, these remedies are not really meant to cure the underlying problem. However, they can be pretty useful on certain occasions.
Lemon & Honey
Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and other soothing ingredients that can help relieve you from cough. Also, honey is known for its numerous healing properties. To benefit, simply mix equal parts of lemon and honey and store in a jar. Take a tablespoon of the mixture whenever you feel the need to relieve yourself. The honey will make the sourness of the lemon less discomforting. Another way to do this is to heat the lemon first (without bringing to a boil) before mixing it with honey.
Anti-bacterial Gargle
These can be bought over-the-counter at your favorite drug store. There are plenty of varieties and you can choose any brand that you like. However, you need to be wary about products that you may be allergic to. For example, you may want to go for unscented variants if you are allergic to perfume products. A simple menthol-based mouthwash will also do. Just bring a bottle of it wherever you go and gargle when you feel your throat itching again.
Salt Gargle
This is fairly easy to make. Simply mix ½ glass of hot water with ½ glass of warm water and add 2 tablespoons of salt. Make sure that the salt is completely dissolved. Gargle using the solution and make sure you gargle deep enough so that the solution will reach your throat. This makes a fine cough relief thanks to the natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of salt.
Garlic Syrup
These can also be bought over-the-counter and are available in different variants. The only problem is that they can sometimes be a bit pricey. However, good garlic syrup makes a fine cough relief thanks to its antibacterial properties. It will instantly kill the bacteria causing itch and inflammation on your throat. Just be wary of the smell. After using garlic syrup, you may want to brush your teeth afterwards or gargle with mouthwash.
Aloe Vera Juice
Most of the discomfort that you feel when you have a case of cough is from the inflammation of the throat. This can result to itch and pain. In which case, a natural aloe Vera juice will work wonders because of its natural anti-inflammatory properties. It also has ingredients than can help soothe the pain and itch. To benefit, you may want to sip down the juice slowly using a straw. This way, your throat will be more exposed to the juice.
Tea & Honey
Tea has long been known for its many medicinal properties and among them are its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes tea a good beverage for relieving cough. But to add to the effect, it is good to add some honey as well. You also have the option of adding some lemon for a stronger effect.