Friday, January 27, 2012

Lemon Packs a Powerful Punch for Health and Household

Lemons are the most valued of all the fruits for their healing, detoxifying, cleansing and rejuvenating properties. Since ancient cultures, lemons have been used for the preservation of health and longevity all around the world to cleanse and cultivate health with its strong phytochemical punch.

Property breakdown 
Lemon juice is 6.7-8.6 % citric acid. Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin required for the formation of collagen, a protein found in skin that reduces wrinkles, lessens scare tissue and strengthens and repairs blood vessels and other body tissues. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants have anti-cancer properties and are responsible for slowing down the aging probess, fighting tumors, repairing wounds and warding off inflammatory illnesses and fighting viral and bacterial infections.

Medicinal properties 
Citric acid is a powerful chelator that binds to metal ions for heavy metal toxin removal, such as with amalgam cavity fillings. Limonene, the oil found in the citrus peel, contains the highest quantities of the medicinal phytochemicals shown to reduce non-melanoma skin cancer risk. Bioflavonoids in lemon juice strengthen the blood vessels and maintain good eye health. The potassium content is essential for normal kidney function, electrolyte balance and critical for nerve and muscle function. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties in lemon juice is recommended for acute rheumatism.

Historical Fun Facts 
Lemon juice was known to counteract narcotic poisoning. Nero, emperor of Rome, was known for drinking copious quantities of lemon juice to prevent any assassination attempts through poisoning and has long been recognized for its value as a hangover cure. The citric acid in lemons is capable of breaking down the proteins in seafood, further aiding in digestion. The initial reason lemons has always been paired with seafood was for its antibacterial properties to make the food safe. Lemon has been widely used for cleaning the house and used internally and externally for cleansing the body and also as a means for preserving food, remedies and any homemade concoctions.

During the 18th century, British Royal Surgeon James Lind discovered that the amount of Vitamin C in lemons was enough to ward off scurvy. In this regard, it has been a British tradition that every ship carry enough lemon juice for every sailor. Indonesian tradition held that for those whose suffered migraines, one should clean with lemons and soak their feet in lemon juice water. Lemons were also the go-to for neuralgia, malaria, rickets, tuberculosis, gout, and chronic rheumatism.
Everyday uses 
Lemon is very useful in everyday activities of cleaning, hygiene, beauty regimens and, remedies and all-purpose recipes.

The face, nails, liver spots, ant-aging, acne, natural chemical peel facials, hair lightening, skin tone evening, heart burn, liver complaints, sun burns, asthma, digestion, smells, diphtheria, sore throats, headaches, influenza, fevers and hang over's all benefit from lemon.
Daily tip 
Start the morning with lemon water to increase health vibrancy, detoxify the body, blood and liver, reduce the risk unwanted health issues and promote regularity while nourishing the brain and nerve cells.

"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." -Hippocrates.
Disclaimer: Not intended to diagnose/treat any disease or be a substitute for medical advice/ health care. Speak with your doctor before incorporating any new lifestyle changes.
Stephanie Harper, Wellness Coach of Holistic Approaches, specializes as a Master Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant, Master Gardner and Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Death, Taxes, and Health Care

Interestingly enough, all three of these employment trends eventually died out to the extent that there are not nearly the job opportunities today as there were in days gone by. Yet there is one industry that hasn't changed -- an industry as reliable as death and taxes. That industry is healthcare.
As long as there are people living on the planet, there will be available healthcare jobs for the taking. Let's face it: People get sick and/or injure themselves in accidents. Without a thriving healthcare industry, we would be in a world of hurt.
Fastest Growing Industry
According to data from the U.S. government, healthcare jobs are among the fastest-growing in the country. As a matter fact, if you remove government jobs from the equation, the healthcare industry promises the greatest amount of growth over the course of the next 10 to 20 years. On average, the government estimates most healthcare jobs will see a total employment increase of nearly 25 percent through the year 2020.Some medical jobs will see greater growth than others, of course, but the healthcare industry is a stable one.
While double digit growth is a good thing for the industry, there is a downside in that there aren't enough students entering medical school to fill all the positions projected to be open. That's one of the main reasons why there continues to be a drastic shortage of qualified workers to fill all the available healthcare jobs. Medical facilities are literally begging for workers and willing to allow them to virtually write their own ticket if they'll come to work. No other industry has ever seen anything like it.
So Many Options
Young students thinking of entering the medical field have so many options it can be daunting at times. For example, a high school student not interested in pursuing 10 years of education can choose among a number of certification programs that will allow him to land entry-level healthcare jobs like a certified nurse assistant, dialysis technician or home health aide. For many of these entry-level positions, certifications can be earned in 3-12 months.
Workers interested in nursing can begin as licensed practical nurses after completing just a two-year program. They can continue their education to become registered nurses, nurse practitioners and even physician assistants. And for those who want to go all out, there are all sorts of healthcare jobs for doctors ranging from general practitioners all the way up to the highest-paying surgical specialties.
With so many healthcare job options to choose from, all you need is a little bit of motivation and a proper education.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A How to Guide for Choosing a Mobility Scooter

Choosing a mobility scooter can bring back personal independence into the life of anyone affected by a physical or medical condition that limits their ability to get around on their own. Each model can be customized to individual needs, and come with so many features that make getting around both inside and outside the home environment so much easier than it would have been in the past. Not even physical barriers will slow some models down, increasing the number of environments a mobility challenged person can now explore on their own.
Who Can Benefit From Such A Device?
Literally, anyone who suffers from a physical limitation or medical condition that affects the ability to walk about without assistance can benefit from choosing a mobility scooter. Patients with spinal injuries, car accident victims, genetic diseases such as multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy and even partial paralysis can benefit from the use of one of these mobility devices. They can be designed to meet individual needs, including the type of wheels, wheelbase, power needs and controls.
Evaluating the Patient's Needs
When one is selecting a mobility scooter for use, the physical limitations the patient is facing need to be considered first. The majority of these mobility devices require exerting some kind of physical control to make them move, so the controlling device should be one that the patients can easily use by themselves, without assistance. Everything from a joystick to a blow tube are available today as control devices and the model chosen should have the availability of such devices present and available.
The next thing to consider is how often the patient will be using their electric scooter, and where. The battery life available on some models make them able to run for hours on end without needing a recharge and some models even come with a backup battery for emergency purposes. Most chairs now have a wheelbase that are trim enough to fit through most doorways, as well as high enough to triumph over most physical obstacles against passage. The home environment can always be customized to fit the qualities of the chosen model, through the addition of ramps, if necessary, but the outdoor environment may take some further planning.
Taking On the Great Outdoors
Restoring a sense of independence to a patient through the use of a motorized scooter should also include understanding the type of terrain the user will want to overcome outside the home. Most models will store easily within another vehicle for transport elsewhere or alternatively, will have more than enough battery power and are large enough to be ridden by the user to a nearby store on their own.
That kind of independence of movement will also make choosing the wheelbase and tires on the scooter easier to be accomplished. For many users, the biggest part of choosing a mobility scooter will entail custom designing their particular model to fit their lifestyle needs. If you like roaming through the neighborhood park, for example, then all terrain tires would be an excellent choice for your particular chair. As would a wheelbase that is high enough to get over curbs and other obstacles with ease and with a three, four or five wheel system to allow the perfect amount of stability on the trails or even the street without a problem.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Are Larger Portions Contributing to Growing Waistlines?

As parents of three active children involved in sports, music lessons and school activities, we occasionally take a break from the daily routine of cooking and clean up to dine out. Each time we go to the popular family locations like Pizzeria Uno, Chili's and Olive Garden, we are amazed at the portions that arrive at the table after ordering. While restaurants make the argument that they are offering value by providing extra food for the money, my husband and I always wonder if these monster-sized portions aren't contributing to the increasing obesity problem in young children.
One of the major contributors to the growing waistlines in our society can be explained by our attitude of "more is always better." Dieting researchers have been studying the art of losing weight for many years, longer than those reading this have been alive. They've found that one of the main contributors to the growing problem of obesity is not necessarily the type of food eaten by the majority of the population, but the portions in which they are consuming those foods.
Fact is, you have probably heard the easiest dieting hint a hundred times in your life, but haven't really given it much thought. So what is the secret? Moderation and portion control. Unfortunately, children are being given a false sense of what a true portion really is. Without my husband and I intervening, our children load their plates with portions they can't possibly consume, or worse, amounts they may try to.
Even the unhealthiest foods consumed by us on a daily basis, can be manageable if we limit the amount we actually eat. In the restaurant scenario, when we know we are at an establishment that overloads our plates, we have taken to ordering less meals than the number of our family members. Instead we share the dishes we have family style. In restaurants that offer "half-size" or "lunch-size" portions, we will order that in place of the dinner-sized meal.
There is an old saying, "Everything in moderation." If you live by this saying then you will find that the pounds you are putting on from over eating will decrease if not vanish. No one likes to be hungry, so along with portion control, make sure you pick foods that are rich in fiber, and that you are getting the correct amount of calories per day to maintain a healthy weight for you and your family. Keeping control and watching your family's weight as well as your own is the first step to a healthier family with healthier habits.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Adult Incontinence Products That Manage Incontinence Properly

Too many people suffer from incontinence with no protection and no idea of its cause. Get educated and get on your way to living a better life free of the hassles of this tiresome condition.
Side Effects
Many people find that they cannot seem to shake the embarrassment of their condition. They have gone their whole lives with absolute control of this aspect of their body and now they have less to work with. Embarrassment is just one of the many emotions you may be dealing with.
You may feel unsure of yourself, with less self-confidence to be on time to places or be able to fulfill certain tasks. You may more easily lose control when you put strain on yourself by working hard in any environment. Weeding or mowing the lawn may be an even worse chore than it once was. Laughing or jumping up and down can cause leaks as well. With so many things holding you back you may sometimes feel useless or less able.
You are not useless, however! Cheer up and do something great for yourself by finding out the cause of your problem and treating it. There is nothing better than solving your problem so that you can be more carefree to live the life you want to live.
Root Causes
Did you know that incontinence is actually the symptom of another condition? The trouble is that it can come from a number of causes. The trick is pinpointing yours. Talk to your doctor about the medications you are taking and possible reasons for your sudden lack of control.
Certain medications may cause you to lose control of your bowel or urinary tract. Though fecal incontinence is less prevalent it is still very much a problem that needs to be dealt with. Look at the drugs in your cabinet. You may be able to easily switch to another one. If not, there are always ways to treat your condition as it is.
Getting Help
The great news is that so many products and methods have been created and found to help with incontinence. Try these now for better control and a better quality of life.
Adult Incontinence Products
There are many great adult incontinence products on the market today. You can choose from anything from removable guards or actual disposable underwear. Some guards come with bags and some are Velcro. The right absorbency and style is for you to discover. It can be surprisingly fun to try out products to find the perfect one for you.
So get some new undergarments that look just like your others, if you wish, and find comfort in the great protection. There is no reason that you should stay away from certain activities or places now. Shield yourself from leaking and embarrassment.
Kegel Exercises
An exercise that may help you is called the kegel exercise. It involves holding in your urine in brief pauses when you need to go. Do not try to hold it in for long periods or while you are not sitting on the toilet. When you are already in position to urinate, do so, and then pull back. Hold it for a second, and then let it go and pull back with your muscles again. It can be difficult at first, and you may never have complete control over these small muscles, but this exercise can help you to gain control.
It has been known to help women having babies to control their pushing at the right time. Doctors have thanked many women for doing this exercise during the months of pregnancy. It can help you just as well. Take these steps and look into how you can improve your life today while living with incontinence.